Town Assessor

James Kirsch – Assessor

ASSESSOR HOURS (starting April 1st)

Mondays 10 AM to 5 PM,

Wednesdays  10 AM – 3 PM

The job of the Assessor is to value property at a fair and equitable assessment. In order to maintain a uniform Assessment, each year the assessor will need to analyze all the properties in the municipality to determine which assessments need to be adjusted.

There are many administrative functions, such as processing exemptions, inspecting new construction and major improvements to existing structures, and processing sales. This is to ensure that the records on file show the most current property owners that the physical inventory is current and that the appropriate improvements are valued.

Mailing Address:

Town of LeRoy
Attn:  Assessor
48 Main Street
LeRoy, NY 14482 


Phone: (585) 768-6910  ext.  221
Fax: (585) 768-2044

Key Dates to Remember are:

  • Valuation Date:  July 1st
  • Taxable Status Date: March 1st
  • Exemption Filing Deadline: March 1st
  • Tentative Roll Filed: May 1st
  • Grievance Day: 4th Tuesday in May
  • Final Roll Filed: July 1st