Adult Rec

Judy Ridley

Adult Recreation Program

The Town of LeRoy, along with the Village of LeRoy  and the Town of Stafford, share in the sponsorship of a Senior Citizen  Program for their residents over the age of sixty.  This program is managed by a Director, Judy Ridley, who conducts this program. Its design is one that will appeal to the residents of this area and is  chosen by a representative group of members for both monthly programs  and day trips who meet once a year for this purpose.

The program runs from March through December, meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of those months.  Meetings begin with a pot luck  supper followed by a program of entertainment. Facilities are rented at the Knights of Columbus Hall for this meeting with the supper starting  at 6:00 PM.  Members take one turn a year to serve as helpers, setting  and clearing tables. At these meetings members are informed by  receiving a newsletter of day trips available (about four a year).  Earlier in the month, notices are sent by the Director to all the  churches in the area as well as the Le Roy Pennysaver, Daily News, and  the Town Clerks Office in Stafford, informing them of the current  meeting and the entertainment for that meeting. Seasonally other  programs are offered. October 1 to March 31 residents of these areas  may bowl two games a week at the Le Roy Legion Lanes for $1.00 each  game; with the club paying the balance. From May 1st to Sept. 30th,  nine holes of golf are available at Sweetland Pines on a weekly basis  with the club paying $3.00 and the participant paying the balance.  Art  Lessons are now available at the Greens of LeRoy on West Avenue on Thursday afternoons, at 1:30 pm, for a nominal fee.

The Towns and Village help defray costs of the day  trip by paying most of the costs of the bus and the participant paying  the balance of the meal and program at the destination of the day trip.  Approximate cost of these trips to the participant is from $35.00 to  $45.00 for the full days entertainment.

Due to costs of mailing it would be prohibitive to  mail to each member every month; but by attending the Wednesday night  pot luck supper, they will receive the Newsletter which includes  activities for about the next two months.